Thomas Shafee

Research: I'm a data scientist interested in analysis and visualisation of complex datasets. I have been using a variety of new approaches to represent and analyse protein sequence space. Through this I've studied origins of protein structures, evolution of new functions, evolvability, robustness, and convergent evolution as applied to standard globular proteins and enzymes, disulphide-rich peptides, and intrinsically disordered glygoproteins. Science communication: In addition to my research, I have an interest in scientific communication. I am part of a new wave of collaboration between academic publishers and Wikipedia, since it is typically the most read information source on any topic. I am a Front Section Editor for PLOS Genetics and an Editor-in-Chief of WikiJournal of Science, working to bring scientific content in Wikipedia up to academic standards. I also directly write for the encyclopedia, with articles I've written or overhauled having >30 million views per annum.